Options in Home Safe Locks

Locks in home safes play a very important role: should they fail, the safe can be easily opened, compromising the security of the items inside it. On the other hand, if the lock mechanism of the safe is very complicated, its owner may forget how to operate it, resulting in a variety of problems as well. But then, it should be considered that the more complex a lock is, the harder it would be for strangers and particulars to open it, and therefore highlighting its effectiveness as a safe.

So, here are the some varieties of locks that go beyond the key lock or mechanical key lock:

Combination lock

What is it: This lock is made up of combinations (hence the name) of three numbers. The user chooses digits by turning a twisting a very small wheel inside the safe that has the same numbers as the dial on the front. The three chosen digits need to be aligned with a mark on the side of the lock. Once the three correct digits are aligned to the mark, the safe’s door should open.

Pros: Combination locks do not expose the safe to risks of being opened by a duplicate or skeleton key. Home safes with a combination lock only (as some safe are installed as a combination with other lock types, to be discussed later) do not require power to operate. There is no risk of losing anything like a key that would jeopardize the safety and secrecy of the safe. Lastly, personal combinations are easy to remember – they’re only composed of 3 digits!

home safesCons: Even if a combination is only three-digits long, some people still vow of having a hard time memorizing it, and thus not allowing them to open the safe even in emergency situations. Also, if the combination is received by people intending to do malicious acts like stealing, there may be no stopping them.

The verdict: This lock should be good for home safes that would host important documents. It would be the owner’s prerogative if he or she wants to risk putting highly valuable items in a safe with a combination lock.

Electronic lock

What is it: As its name implies, this lock may require some sort of power source, which can come in the form of a battery or a plug to an outlet. The power is for the electronic keypad to function, where the user could punch his own password.

Pros: Those who want to do away with dials and knobs should go with electronic keypad locks. Moreover, some models of this also allow multiple users, each having their own pass codes and therefore reducing the need for pass code sharing.

Cons: High-tech lock pickers may be successful in figuring out the punched in combinations through a device or through the fingerprints left behind by the owner.

The verdict: This should be a very safe lock, so any item that could fit in the safe, even the ones with very high value, can be stored in home safes with an electronic keypad.

Dual locks

What is it: A combination of an electronic keypad and a mechanical dial or a dial and key, or a key and an electronic keypad. Meaning, after punching in the right combination on a keypad, the user may still have to operate a mechanical dial or use a key to open a second key lock beside the keypad.

Pros: This should provide ultimate security since the locks can be programmed in such a way that both need to be opened. On the other hand, the locks may also be programmed in such a way that only one lock needs to be opened; for example, if a user forgets a key, punching the right combination may override the unlocked key lock, or vice versa.

Cons: It may be frustrating for some users who have their home safes to have two locks because it takes a little more time to get them opened, which is bad news in case of an emergency.

The verdict: Any item should be safe to be stored in a safe with this lock combination.

In the end, it would still be up to the user to decide whether to prioritize ease and convenience of use, familiarity with the lock mechanism, or the level of security the lock provides.

Care Tips for Golf Bags

Every golfer needs a golf bag. Not only is it used to keep one’s golf clubs, but is also used to protect and store other golf equipment and personal belongings. There are many types of golf bags available that match the needs of different types of golfers. Causal golfers may opt for carry bags, determined players usually go for sand bags, and professional golfers commonly use staff bags to promote a certain golf brand during tournaments.

These golf bags are quite expensive and require high maintenance in order to enjoy them for a longer period of time. Here are some tips golfers should remember in order to keep their golf bags in tip-top shape.

golf bagsFirst and foremost, proper handling of the bag is necessary to preserve its good condition. Do not, in any circumstance, throw the bag forcefully on the ground or clumsily shove it in the back of one’s car trunk. Always handle the bag with care and avoid forcible movements as this could damage the bag’s structure and alter the position of its compartments. Be mindful of the things kept inside the bag’s pockets.

Oftentimes, people tend to forget certain small objects they place inside such as a pack of chewing gum. If forgotten and left for a long period of time, it could stain the bag and actually stick to it as extreme heat would have caused it to melt. Packed snacks are also among the common items usually forgotten in pockets. These could cause the bag to form molds and possess an unpleasant order. Also avoid storing damp or wet clothes inside the bag as it would cause the same problems. It is advised to clean and inspect the bag after every use to avoid such circumstances.

Proper storage is also crucial for golf bags. When not in use, keep the bags indoors as much as possible. Exposure to extreme weather and sudden climate change can cause some alterations in the bag’s material. Draping it with a plastic bag can also help in minimizing the accumulation of dust and other particles onto the bag. While outdoors and in use, make sure that the bags are protected with a cover or hood. In the event of rain, a rain cover would be most helpful.

Many golf bags come with these features, although it can also be bought separately for those that do not come with it. A rain cover is made up of waterproof material and wraps up the entire bag to prevent water from getting into it. Golf bag hoods, on the other hand, only cover the top of the bag; it would do the trick for a light drizzle. Golf umbrellas also do wonders in protecting the contents of a golf bag in extremely hot weather and also in shielding it from the rain.

Keeping the bag clean is also a must in order to keep the bag at its best. It is essential to keep a towel in the bag for easily wiping off dirt and grime. It also benefits to have wet wipes at hand. When a towel won’t do the job, wipes are a perfect solution for mud and grass stains. When in dire need for an overall cleaning, golf bags may be hand washed with mild soap and water. One could also use a soft-bristled brush to remove tough stains. After rinsing the bag, hang it and allow it to air dry.

Knowledge on proper care and maintenance is needed by every golfer not only for their golf bag but also for the contents kept inside. The tips mentioned will help any golfer enjoy their hard earned investment for more years to come as long as they are done with diligence.

Lanyards for the Prevention of Hazards

A lanyard is arope-like material worn around a person’s neck which has loop of wire or thread or even an adjustable hook as an end, enabling the object to grab unto things. This is primarily used to hold things such as gadgets, keys, even different kinds of cards, in order for a person to easily bring these things as one and to also prevent him or herself from forgetting to bring the said things.


From an unobserving point-of-view, a lanyard seems pretty useless because there are other ways a person can bring things, like the use of simple bags. But, given a hazardous situation in which unfortunate events happen, lanyards could be really proven useful. Imagine a scenario where a sudden blackout happens and the person couldn’t see anything, leaving him or her unable to rummage his or her bag for a source of light, what would he do? If the person was fortunate enough to have a lanyard with him or her with a penlight attached to it, or even his or her own phone, then things would turn up for the good.

Another scenario likely to happen is an attempted assault, like plans of stealing or even kidnapping. What if a person suddenly stumbles upon a deranged person in the middle of the night without any people around, what chances will he or she would be able to protect him or herself? Finding time to look for a weapon at the surroundings will be very hard, even with the possession of it inside a carried bag if there is, and running is a risky option. But then, if that person has a lanyard with a self-defense weapon attached to it, then he or she could really have a chance.

In modern times, unfortunate events are likely to occur, and they are inevitable. The best way to act is be prepared always, and by being prepared, one has to be alert and should be able to have all of his or her needed things close to him or she at all times. And clearly one method of doing this is through the use of lanyards. By attaching important things such as an identification card, self-defense weapons such as a small knife or even keys, one could be able to spare his life. He or she would be able to protect him or herself by using these tools, and if the unpromising thing happens, at least someone would be able to identify that person.

Aside from the prevention of hazardous events, lanyards could also serve as a person’s way of recognition, be it from a company or from a school he or she is currently at. These could also be a form of handling the security of a place by having all the members of a community or organization lanyards with the same logos and/or designs, these could also be a way of showing unity and cooperation of a certain group. With all of the mentioned purposes, a lanyard is, without a doubt, a very useful thing to have on a person. Be it for bringing certain tools or personal stuff, or for representation of being a member of a group.

In conclusion, no one should underestimate the usefulness of a lanyard, even if it just looks like a plain accessory. Aside from enabling a person to bring needed things with him or her at all times, it should also enable him or her to have easy access on these things because they are technically just clipped on by just above his or her chest. Enabling a person to have easy access to these certain things also enable him or her the chance of protecting his or her life in hazardous situations, just proving how much of a help a lanyard truly is.

The Mister, a Friend of the Plants

It is sad that because of Global Warming, plants have been suffering the wrath of the sun and its dire consequences. For when a plant can no longer tolerate the excessive heat it receives, its photosynthetic functions would be significantly damaged.

This has been happening lately in an alarmingly global scale.

Proving to be a thorn at every planter’s side, the sun with its unbearable heat could fry whole fields of nurtured crops, melt cherished flowers and dry the fertility out of the soil. To combat this phenomenon, some farmers and gardeners took to installing various machines to counter the razing heat, the most notable of which is the mister.

A mister or a misting system is a machine that releases water droplets into the air. It is usually assembled around a certain area with a very high temperature. The billions of water droplets it produces would be released into the air to meet the heat energy that had accumulated in that area. The water sprays would then react to the heat, as it forces them to evaporate. In response to this, the temperature would lower slowly but significantly enough for their plants to survive.

This process is called evaporative cooling and is a proven effective way of lowering temperatures in hot areas. The basic principle of this process is that the hotter the place is, the more heat energy is present in the air. And the more heat energy is present in the air, the faster the water molecules would evaporate and cool the air.

There are various kinds of misting systems that can be used for plants, each with its own special characteristic. Usually a mister is set up around a certain perimeter, often in an outdoor area, so that the temperature of the area it encloses would decrease. However there are times when a mister is also used indoors such as when it is applied in a greenhouse. When it is placed in an enclosed area, the water droplets that the machine would release will function as they do in an open area.

There is a difference, however, which can be found in its effects.

For once the water molecules have eliminated all or most of the heat energy in the air, having nothing to react to; they would hang stagnantly in the air. As there is little to no air exchange in a greenhouse, the humidity within the structure would increase. This process is known as humidification and is often used by gardeners who raise plants that thrive in humid areas.

Misting fans, another type of misting system, work faster in lowering the temperature in the air compared to the other models because the fan circulates the cooled air as the water it releases continuously absorbs the heat energy present in the air.

Not only are misters useful when it comes to evaporative cooling and humidification but they are also very effective in keeping the harvested crops fresh. When the crops that are harvested in the far flung areas are shipped to the cities, they have to travel a long way to the cities. To keep the vegetables from wilting on the road, it is a common practice to spray them with water so that they can still absorb enough moisture to keep them fresh. A visible example of a misting system are those little tubes that spray mist-like water into baskets of leafy green vegetables in the super market. It may be small, but it does work effectively in ensuring that the leafy greens in our salad are fresh and delectable.

VPS: What Else Can You Do?

Virtual private server, especially budget VPS, are great for web hosting. They allow you to slowly transition your website from being on a shared platform towards getting a dedicated server without necessarily going for the low-end dedicated server options. While a VPS will not provide as much processing power as a dedicated server, it does well for web servers and websites that are just starting out. Even if you choose not to get a high-end VPS plan, a budget VPS will already do you wonders, especially if you’ve outgrown your shared platform. You no longer have to deal with limited customization and bog-standard software from a shared platform, even if it’s the best one on the market. Low-end dedicated servers are certainly becoming more affordable, but unless you experience heavy traffic every day of the week, an investment in a dedicated server is a waste of time and money.

VPS has been used for both web server and single website hosting. But there are other ways of making VPS work for you:

DNS Server. If your company budget VPSalready has a dedicated server, chances are you’re already out looking for another one to have for your secondary name server. However, getting another dedicated server just for your backup may not be cost-efficient. This is where a VPS, especially a budget VPS, will come in handy, especially for small businesses or small web hosting companies. Even if you’re already on a high-end VPS plan, a lower-end VPS solution will still work wonders as your backup.

FTP Server. Websites that provide downloads for its visitors would benefit greatly from having a VPS as their FTP server. Having even a budget VPS as your FTP server allows your main site to stem the tide of people looking to download content by having them access a different server as opposed to just having one server handle all the load. All you need to do is to have the appropriate software ready for installation.

Subversion/Trac or Mercurial Server. For people who are looking to run their own version-control software, VPS provides a great option that does not entail limitations or costs of a hosted service. All you need is an understanding of how to install the software and secure the VPS. There are a few managed hosting providers that can and will help you with the setup, configuration and security; all you need to do is ask.

IRC/Game Server. Yes, you can use VPS for IRC and gaming purposes, although it’s rare. If you’re planning to run a full-scale IRC or gaming server, having a VPS gives you that starting point. Fair warning, though: there are companies that do not allow IRC or gaming servers due to bandwidth limitations, so it’s best to ask before you plan on doing this.

With these other uses, VPS really is a great tool to help you and your web services improve. The best thing about having a budget VPS plan is that as your needs continue to grow, you’ll find it’s not necessary to start looking for dedicated server options. With the way that VPSs are designed, you can simply ask your hosting company for an upgrade before you consider moving towards a dedicated server. This saves you time, money, and space, since you need space if you want to have a dedicated server.

As far as VPS options go, there are a lot of companies out there that offer great deals. Companies such as GoDaddy, KnownHost, DreamHost, and the ever-popular bluehost provide a great selection of deals and plans that will cater to your VPS needs, regardless of what you may use it for.

RockVPS provides budget vps or cheap vps, built upon providing a fast network and 100% SSD server hardware.

5 Tips to Make Live Chat Support Work

Using a live chat support feature is often essential especially if the product or service you are offering is inherently complex to understand, let alone use. If done right, live chat can be the medium that will bridge the gap between customer and business and help in improving the site’s conversion rates. To make sure that your support team is well prepared to handle customer complaints and inquiries, it would be best to incorporate these 5 tips.

1. Get to the Point

live chat supportA live chat support agent will often have to deal with sparse bits of information to make a point. In fact, one does not have the luxury to use voice intonations to help their customers with the platform. When dealing with customers, it would be best to know how to ask the right questions. This is really recommended especially if one is dealing with angry customers who tend to focus more on venting out their frustrations than forming a coherent sentence.

It is important to immediately get to the point of the call and ask the right questions. This way, the caller will be guided through their problem and save time in the process. Coordinate with your team intensively to find ways to deal with frequently asked questions (FAQs) to narrow down the issues and help in eliminating confusion.

2. Minimize the Jargon

When in live chat support, it is necessary to understand that not everyone has the same level of familiarity with the terminology of the industry. There are those who know how the product and service well and there are those who have yet to understand its basics. In addition, the live chat platform can put some limits on how much you and the caller can express your thoughts. With that in mind, it is best to use the simplest terms and refrain from using technical jargon. That way, both you and the caller have better chances of understanding each other.

3. Take Advantage of Remote Desktop Tools

In the event that your product supports cloud-based services, you can use this advantage by training your team to incorporate images in live chat support. For instance, your team can employ remote desktop tools that allow the agent’s desktop to actually see the problem by letting the customer transmit their desktop image for the team’s reference. This can quicken the entire process as the customer service agent can instantly diagnose the problem and solve it. On the caller’s part, this eliminates the frustration of being asked to describe the problem for multiple times.

4. Personalize the Experience

Most experiences with live chat can be made better if the customer feels that they are actually conversing with a human being. Make sure that your service team has an online profile that tells callers who they are and what they can do for them. The reason for this is that customers tend to trust agents who provide a full name and a face when conversing with another person.Also, this reinforces the thought that the person is being given direct help by another human being online instead of an automated system.

In the same line, it is best to train the team to never use a condescending tone or assume a flippant attitude when talking with customers. This can give a caller the feeling that they are being looked down upon. Always keep in mind that it takes little effort to lose a potential customer than it is to convert one.

5. Close the Deal

Finally, make it a must to train the agents to end the session by “closing the deal”. In essence, the caller must be enticed in the live chat support to use the product, avail of complementary products or service and, in some cases, and help in promoting the product to other prospective customers. Though this might extend the call time by a few minutes, it would definitely help in improving customer conversions and improve brand awareness in the market.

ApexChat contact center will monitor your website 24×7.though its live chat support.

Fact or Fiction: Looking at the Truths and Lies About SEO Services

SEO services are sought by a lot of people whose livelihood is directly tied to the web.

Those who depend on advertising look for SEO companies to improve their visibility. The improved visibility translates to better traffic. Better traffic translates to more visits and clicks, which are the things that advertisers look for the most in websites.

Websites which rely on Truths and Liessales also benefit from high visibility. Online retailing is extremely difficult given the amount of competitors they have to face. Having high visibility on search engine lists means that the online retailer’s website is at the forefront of the competition.

Despite the advantages that it can provide a website, some people are still reluctant to employ SEO services. The reticence is understandable. It is a normal human reaction to be wary of investing money in services that they do not really understand.

It is difficult to understand how SEOs work because of all the contradicting news people here about it. Some are fact while others are fiction. Rumors spread in order to cause injury and harm to the SEO industry. Below are some of the facts and myths regarding the use and benefits of employing SEO companies.

SEO companies are just a gimmick

Plenty of people can be forgiven for thinking that SEO companies are a fraud. People in general find it easy to condemn things that they know next to nothing about.

SEO companies provide real services. They spend a lot of their resources training and employing staff members who are competent at what they do. A person cannot just gain the required experience, technical knowhow, and skill to properly execute SEO tasks in just one night.

Furthermore, SEO companies spend a lot of money on equipment to make sure that they can provide their clients with the kind of service that they want.

To be fair to the critics, there are SEO companies out there who cannot deliver on what they promised their clients. Notwithstanding, this sort of thing happens in almost any kind of industry. There will always be companies out there, no matter the industry, who like to advertise themselves being capable of doing this or that but are in the end unable to give what they advertised.

SEO services cannot provide real results

Some SEO company detractors claim that they cannot really give real results. What most people do not know is that these companies have methods and tools which they can use to measure the improvements that they have contributed to a website.

SEO companies use different techniques to measure the traffic that their work contributes to a website. This is not just made up numbers. The statistics translate into tangible results in the form of increase in traffic or sales.

A simple way to determine whether or not the SEO program has contributed something real is if the traffic steadily and consistently increases.

SEO tasks can be done in house

This is a piece of fiction that a lot of people like to proliferate on the net. A lot of people have this assumption in their head on how certain things are as easy as they look.

People think that SEO programs are all about finding good keywords, writing good content, using the appropriate meta tags and so forth. To be sure, those things are important elements to a good SEO programs. No one is arguing that. However, there is more to it than just finding the right words it is also about how to use them right.

For example, just because an article has the right keywords it does not mean it will acquire the attention that it wants. Sometimes, articles are too bloated with keywords that they are even detrimental to their ranking.

There is a good reason why some people devote so much time to SEO programs that they can make a living off of it. SEO services, at least the credible ones, provide real tangible benefits to any website.

Author Bio:

ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

The Basics of SEO

SEO is considered as one of the basic methods that the best internet marketing companies use to help gain more profit for them. This is applicable in different parts of the world. In this article, you will learn even more about this craft. In the long run, it will help you construct your own official business website and start off the flow of profit in your own market.

For starters, SEO stands for search engine optimization but this is not the only scope of this internet marketing technique.

This set of internet marketing techniques requires you to come up with online strategies that can help your site be seen as much as possible. If you can effectively apply these techniques, you can rest assured that these can help you bring more visitors to your site. This increased traffic influx can aid in improving the chances of having your products and services sold out within a shorter period of time.

The usual Basics of SEOgoal of SEO is to help you come up with a seamless and great experience for your site users through smooth online browsing and visually appealing media. In this regard, it is essential to communicate with the search engines about your online business-related intentions so these tools can help in recommending your site for future relevant searches that your potential target market will perform in the future.

If you still feel skeptical about the entire SEO thing, you should fret not. Numerous companies such as the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times are already putting the SEO techniques into good use. Apparently, they are reaping the nice results out of proper implementation of these strategies.

Designing for an optimized site requires you to come up with numerous site structural components.

An engine-optimized site should be composed of contents that your target market is looking for. In this regard, you may consider social media acts, paid searches, and links as the prioritized aspects of your site because your clients will notice these things first and can help increase their curiosity for your company. This means that these can serve as aspects that can showcase what your site is all about. However, there should always be more than what actually meets the eye.

This brings you to consider the rest of the aspects that you have to develop for your site. To make your site more desired in the market, you should make sure that it does not only look good but also contains a lot of content that will make the clients go back for more. This means that you have to add in other elements such as infrastructure, site platform, and architecture of information into the entire mix. Mixing them up in random will not help. You have to design it in such a way that will go easy on the eyes of your potential market and still help them decide on what they want to avail from your company.

To help you get higher rankings for your business site, you have to determine some of the important aspects that the search engines are usually looking for to do this.

These engines do their jobs by referring web surfers to content and sites that highly match what they are looking for at the moment. The level of relevance is broken down into four main elements.

  • The site content gives the theme of your site. Descriptions, page text, and titles fall under this category.
  • Technicalities of site performance are important for site browsing. Therefore, you have to test your site frequently for loading speed.
  • If your site content can be used as references for other sites, you can have an easier time promoting it altogether.
  • Users’ experience-related aspects such as site safety and navigation should always be placed in high priority.

For the other facts that you have to learn about search engine optimization, you should fret not. You will eventually learn more about them the longer that you involve yourself in the SEO industry.